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Meet The Experts


Hermann Tilke

His company has designed every single Formula 1 racetrack in the world that was built in the last 20 years.

What makes a great track designer? A racing driver! Hermann Tilke began his racing career when he was just 18 years old – and only recently retired three years ago.

While he was driving competitively, Hermann gained a degree in Civil Engineering – and formed his own engineering company back in 1984.Tilke Engineers & Architects is among a select few who are recognised by Formula 1’s FIA as approved track designers.

Hermann’s driving expertise supports Dr Hadley’s ratio development and gives insight into what it takes to create some of the greatest race tracks in the world.

“So much thought and effort goes into building racing circuits and also roads. Sometimes before even a grain of gravel is dropped, it is essential to take a step back and focus on what really matters to a driver. Creating emotion is what really counts the most in my opinion and a road that creates this will be remembered by drivers long after they’ve reached their destination.”


Dr Mark Hadley

Science was always the basis for creating the ADR…but what also emerged was the importance of emotions and visuals.

Dr Mark Hadley is a Senior Departmental Administrator at Warwick University. He has written 14 academic research papers in his career to date and specialises in general relativity and quantum theory.

When investigating what makes the World’s Best Driving Road, science was clearly integral. Mark has vast experience of applying theoretical knowledge to practical situations – perfect for creating the Avis Driving Ratio.

The ADR is a robustly tested ratio – and Mark’s scientific approach included a track day at Rockingham with Hermann Tilke, and also a trip to Alton Towers with John Wardley.

“The ADR was devised to not only find the world’s greatest road, but also to identify what makes a perfect road. The process was quite exhaustive; first we applied physics to a wide variety of road designs. Then we consulted with eminent experts in related fields. Finally, we painstakingly mapped roads around the world against these parameters to identify the world’s best driving road.”


John Wardley

He’s responsible for some of the world’s best rollercoasters, including Nemesis and Oblivion at Alton Towers.

John Wardley is an award-winning rollercoaster designer. This is the same man who was tasked with the unenviable task of transforming Chessington Zoo in London into a theme park.

But what creates anticipation and emotion in a rider – and what will make them really enjoy and remember this experience? Well, John always looks to combine sense of thrill, a hint of intimidation and finally, an unadulterated feeling of fun.

He’s always had a flair for creativity and even crafted the special effects for five James Bond movies during his career. John’s thrill-seeker skills bring that ‘excitement’ element to the ADR.

“I was brought in to help Dr Hadley to see this ratio from a different perspective. A rollercoaster experience can of course differ greatly from a drive, but amazingly enough a perfect road relates a lot to a perfect ride. Differing speeds, a blend of bends and straights and changes in viewpoints are all something a rollercoaster rider and a driver will both experience.”


Sasha Martinengo

Sasha Martinengo, proudly Italian with an ancestral racing gene in his blood, was destined to take South Africa by storm.

Born and bred in Johannesburg, ever since Sasha could talk, social activities and conversations were about racing, which became an intricate part of his life. Sasha has become one of the faces and voices of Formula One and Motor sport in general.

A radio and club DJ; television sports presenter; MC; restaurateur and a father of two, Sasha can be considered the Everyman of today.






“To drive one’s country’s roads is often just a necessity to get from A to B, but to drive them with knowledge and intent is a privilege. This journey has been memorable and extremely fun.”